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Suitable for both undergraduates and graduates, this textbook provides an up-to-date, accessible introduction to thermal physics. The material provides a comprehensive understanding of thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and kinetic theory, and has been extensively tested in the classroom by the author who is an experienced teacher. This book begins with a clear review of fundamental ideas and goes on to construct a conceptual foundation of four linked elements: entropy and the Second Law, the canonical probability distribution, the partition function, and the chemical potential. This foundation is used throughout the book to help explain new topics and exciting recent developments such as Bose-Einstein condensation and critical phenomena. The highlighting of key equations, summaries of essential ideas, and an extensive set of problems of varying degrees of difficulty will allow readers to fully grasp both the basic and current aspects of the subject. A solutions manual is available for instructors. This book is an invaluable textbook for students in physics and astronomy.

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In thermodynamics, Ralph Baierlein (1936-) is an American thermal physicist noted for his 1999 book Thermal Physics, which presents the subject of thermal physics in the form of a fairly decent blend of particle physics, e.g. fermions and bosons and low temperatures, statistical mechanics, e.g. multiplicity, and chemical thermodynamics, e.g. free energies and chemical potentials. His 2000 article “The Elusive Chemical Potential” has interesting discussion on the energetics school, Wilder Bancroft (who he says coined the term “chemical potential” after Gibbs), and Wilhelm Ostwald.

Solutions Manual of Thermal Physics by Baierlein | 1st edition ISBN 9780521658386

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Solutions Manual of Thermal Physics by Baierlein

AuthorsRalph Baierlein
ISBN(Text Book's)9780521658386
File FormatPDF
CategoryScience and Engineering
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