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An engaging writing style and a strong focus on the physics make this comprehensive, graduate level textbook unique among existing classical electromagnetism textbooks. Charged particles in vacuum and the electrodynamics of continuous media are given equal attention in discussions of electrostatics, magnetostatics, quasistatics, conservation laws, wave propagation, radiation, scattering, special relativity, and field theory. Extensive use of qualitative arguments similar to those used by working physicists makes Modern Electrodynamics a must have for every student of this subject. In 24 chapters, the textbook covers many more topics than can be presented in a typical two semester course, making it easy for instructors to tailor courses to their specific needs. Close to 120 worked examples and 80 applications boxes help the reader build physical intuition and develop technical skill. Nearly 600 end of chapter homework problems encourage students to engage actively with the material.

About the Author

Andrew Zangwill is a Professor of Physics at Georgia Institute of Technology, with research interests in theoretical condensed matter physics. He is the author of the popular textbook Physics at Surfaces (Cambridge University Press, 1988) and has taught classical electromagnetism at the graduate and undergraduate levels for twenty years.

Solutions Manual of Modern Electrodynamics by Zangwill | 1st edition ISBN 9780521896979

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Book Details

Solutions Manual of Modern Electrodynamics by Zangwill

AuthorsZangwill A.
ISBN(Text Book's)9780521896979
File FormatPDF
CategoryScience and Engineering
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