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The 4th edition of this classic text provides a thorough coverage of RF and microwave engineering concepts, starting from fundamental principles of electrical engineering, with applications to microwave circuits and devices of practical importance. Coverage includes microwave network analysis, impedance matching, directional couplers and hybrids, microwave filters, ferrite devices, noise, nonlinear effects, and the design of microwave oscillators, amplifiers, and mixers. Material on microwave and RF systems includes wireless communications, radar, radiometry, and radiation hazards. A large number of examples and end-of-chapter problems test the reader's understanding of the material. The 4th edition includes new and updated material on systems, noise, active devices and circuits, power waves, transients, RF CMOS circuits, and more.

About the Author

David Pozar is professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has received numerous awards both for his teaching and for his research, including an IEEE Third Millenium award. Dr. Pozar is acknowledged as a leading figure in Microwave and RF circuit design research.

Solutions Manual of Microwave Engineering by Pozar | 4th edition ISBN 9780470631553

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Book Details

Solutions Manual of Microwave Engineering by Pozar

AuthorsDavid Pozar
ISBN(Text Book's)9780470631553
File FormatPDF
CategoryScience and Engineering
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