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ELEMENTARY SURVEY SAMPLING introduces students to the design and analysis of sample surveys via a practical, engaging approach. First, this introductory text begins with brief chapters focused on the important role that sample surveys play in the modern world. Then, each successive chapter builds on this foundation. These chapters start with the problem, describe the methodology needed for solving the problem, and provide the details of the estimation procedure using a compact presentation of the necessary formulas. Each chapter then works out the practical example in full detail. Finally, at the end of each chapter, ELEMENTARY SURVEY SAMPLING includes a wealth of exercises that enable students to continue practicing and to stretch their grasp of the content. The text includes a complete package of interactive statistical tools for implementing all the calculations; text examples are built in to the tools.

About the Author

Richard L. Scheaffer, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, University of Florida, received his Ph.D. in statistics from Florida State University. Accompanying a career of teaching, research and administration, Dr. Scheaffer has led efforts on the improvement of statistics education throughout the school and college curriculum. Co-author of five textbooks, he was one of the developers of the Quantitative Literacy Project that formed the basis of the data analysis strand in the curriculum standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He also led the task force that developed the AP Statistics Program, for which he served as Chief Faculty Consultant. Dr. Scheaffer is a Fellow and past president of the American Statistical Association, a past chair of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, and an advisor on numerous statistics education projects.

Dr. Mendenhall served in the Navy in the Korean War and obtained a Ph.D. in Statistics at North Carolina State University. After receiving his Ph.D , he was a professor in the Mathematics Department at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania before moving to Gainesville in 1963 where he was the first chairman of the Department of Statistics at the University of Florida. Dr. Mendenhall published articles in some of the top statistics journals, such as Biometika and Technometrics, however, he is more widely known for his prolific textbook career. He authored or co-authored approximately 13 statistics textbooks and several books about his childhood.

Lyman Ott earned his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Education and Master's degree in Mathematics from Bucknell University, and Ph.D in Statistics from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. After two years working in statistics in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Ott became assistant professor in the Statistic Department at the University of Florida in 1968 and was named associate professor in 1972. He joined Merrell-National laboratories in 1975 as head of the Biostatistics Department and then head of the company's Research Data Center. He later became director of Biomedical Information Systems, Vice President of Global Systems and Quality Improvement in Research and Development, and Senior Vice President Business Process Improvement and Biometrics. He retired from the pharmaceutical industry in 1998, and now serves as consultant and Board of Advisors member for Abundance Technologies, Inc. Dr. Ott has published extensively in scientific journals and authored or co-authored seven college textbooks including Basic Statistical Ideas for Managers, Statistics: A Tool for the Social Sciences and An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis. He has been a member of the Industrial Research Institute, the Drug Information Association and the Biometrics Society. In addition, he is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and received the Biostatistics Career Achievement Award from the Pharmaceutical research and Manufacturers of America in 1998. He was also an All-American soccer player in college and is a member of the Bucknell University Athletic Hall of Fame.

Ken Gerow, Professor of Statistics at the University of Wyoming, earned a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Biology (minor, Statistics) from the University of Guelph. He has been on the faculty at U.W. ever since completing his Ph.D. in Statistics at Cornell University. He has devoted his career to empowering biologists with statistical concepts and tools. His publications are in a wide range of biological disciplines and journals, with much of his work being directed towards fisheries science. A distaste for making students do arithmetic (rather than thinking about science and valid use of appropriate statistical tools) led to the creation of the interactive Excel tools that accompany this text.

Solutions Manual of Elementary Survey Sampling by Scheaffer & Mendenhall | 6th edition ISBN 9780534243449

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Solutions Manual of Elementary Survey Sampling by Scheaffer & Mendenhall

AuthorsRichard L. Scheaffer; William Mendenhall; Lyman Ott
ISBN(Text Book's)9780534243449
File FormatPDF
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