Solutions Manual of Organic Chemistry by Jones & Gingrich | 5th edition (Ch. 1- 14)


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Written by two expert teachers, the Fifth Edition of Organic Chemistry is written to support all kinds of learners―whether students read the book, or use it as a reference. New “Visualize, Understand, Draw” sections help students draw molecules well, visualize how they are formed, and understand why reactions occur. The Fifth Edition has been revised to be more accessible, with a focus on the basics and more opportunities for problem-solving practice, while the robust media package helps students visualize organic chemistry.

About the Author

Maitland Jones, Jr., is Professor of Chemistry at New York University. His undergraduate and graduate degrees are from Yale University. A long-time teacher of the organic chemistry course at Princeton, he is also an internationally recognized research scientist. His field of expertise is reactive intermediates, extremely short-lived molecules that exist only momentarily in the course of a chemical reaction. Within that subfield, Professor Jones is particularly interested in carbenes, carbon atoms with only two of their bond-forming electrons linked to other atoms, instead of the usual four. He is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on this subject and travels widely, lecturing on his research.

Steven A. Fleming has been teaching organic chemistry for 30 years. He is Professor of Teaching and Instruction at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He earned his BS degree at the University of Utah and his PhD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He taught at Brigham Young University (BYU) for 23 years before moving to Temple University in 2008. His research at BYU dealt with regio- and stereo-controlled carbon–carbon bond forming reactions. His research at Temple University is in the area of chemical education. He has been instrumental in the development of the teaching tools Organic Reaction Animations (ORA) and Bio-Organic Reaction Animations (BioORA). These tools have helped, and continue to help, students understand organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Solutions Manual of Organic Chemistry by Jones & Gingrich (Chapter 1- 14) | 5th edition ISBN 9780393936599

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Solutions Manual of Organic Chemistry by Jones & Gingrich (Chapter 1- 14)

AuthorsMaitland Jones Jr.;Henry L. Gingrich;Steven A. Fleming
ISBN(Text Book's)9780393936599
File FormatPDF
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